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Trails and Trailheads

The City of El Paso and Recreation Department has more than 220 parks located throughout the city. Most of these parks have a paved pathway within the park which can be used for walking, jogging, rollerblading and bicycling.

The trails listed below are linear and do not loop within a park (with the exception of Three Hills Trail).

Practice proper trail user etiquette:

Bicyclists/rollerbladers YIELD to joggers and walkers.
Leash and pick up after your pet for the health and safety of our community.

Trails Planing Area General Location Miles
Artcraft/Sunset Terrace Linear Trail NW Artcraft & Boderland 0.5
Coach Jack D. Quarles Linear Park NW Riverbend Dr. & Little Lane 0.2
Edgemere Median Linear Trail E Airway to Hawkins 1.4
Ellis Lateral Linear Trail NW Lynne Beale at Debbie Good 0.8
Frank “Francis” T. Hourigan Linear Trail E 2085 Shreyna St. 0.9
Independence Hike and Bike Linear Trail NW Independence at Yarbrough 1.0
Mesa Drain Linear Trail MV North Loop at Mauer 0.5
Mesquite Hills Linear Trail NE Mesquite Hills at Dyer 0.9
Mesquite Trails Linear Park E 1526 Snowy Plover 1.0
Ojo de Agua Linear Trail NW 900 Via Descanso 0.7
Paseo de los Heros Linear Trail C 601 Olivas V Aoy Ave. 0.4
Pueblo Viejo Linear Trail MV Roseway to Presa Pl. 1.5
Raynolds Median Linear Trail C Hastings to La Luz 0.5
Rim Road Linear Park C Kansas to Brown 0.7
Rio Grande North Linear Trail NW Country Club to Borderland 2.8
Scenic Drive Linear Trail (Drive closed to vehicles Sunday mornings for “Scenic Sundays”) C Rim to Wheeling 1.8
Three Hills Loop Trail NW 7400 High Ridge, within Westside Community 2.0
Tierra del Este Linear Park (undeveloped) E Rich Beem at Rainbow Point 1.0
Trailhead Planing Area General Location
Chuck Heinrich (1) NE MLK at Loma Casitas
Palisades (2) C Robinson at Rim
Thousand Steps (3) NW Stanton north of Vaquero
Thunderbird (4) NW Thunderbird north of Singing Hills
Ojo de Agua (5) NW Via de la Paz at Via Blanca
Lost Dog/Redd (7) NW Redd at Helen of Troy